Afrobeta is perhaps the most Miami band in the short but lively history of our city. Their sound transcends genre classifications. Tony “Smurphio” Laurencio ’s signature timbraI tendencies are instantly identifiable; aqueous synth leads effortlessly navigate throughout rhythmic mazes of snapping & shuffling percussion, blanketed in painterly strokes of bass (this is Miami-made music, after all). Cuci Amador’s emotive vocal & lyrical lines provide a challenging counterpoint, creating a tension too complex for standard-issue pop – a welcome sensory distortion, easily memorable even after only one taste. To speak nothing of the costumes and imaginative stage sets…

Their edgy pop bangers brought them to initially to the stage of Ultra Music Festival, and garnered a host of “Best Of” awards. Since their launch in 2006, they have played stages including Glastonbury, Space Ibiza, Burning Man and beyond, and rocked alongside like-minded artists, Ghostland Observatory, Bassnectar, Orbital, The Crystal Method, Hercules & Love Affair, Diplo, Holy Ghost!, SOPHIE, and dozens more.

True muses, Smurphio and Cuci individually have their fingers in the pot of pretty much every creative innovative scene in the #305. Smurphio in bands from Pitbull to Suenalo and Spam All Stars, among others. Cuci with Miami Girls Rock Camp, Miamibloco, Miami Sound Chorus, modern dance ensembles, theater projects. Together, they launched the legendary Mooncakes Festival, and produced the documentary ‘Birthright’. To name but a few of their projects.

Thank you Afrobeta for making our city more fun! The North Beach Social stage is yours and we can’t wait to hear what you bring to it.

The evening also includes an exhibition of photos by longtime Rhythm Foundation photographer Luis Olazabal, who passed away in 2020, curated by his son Luc.