Bandshell Laboratories

Laraaji live score to Coral Morphologic film, 05/23

“Sometimes, when you support artists, they blow your mind.”


Bandshell Laboratories is an initiative to commission new work, incorporate visual arts into the live music setting, and help artists to launch innovative projects. We are seeking ambitious projects by locally-based artists — multi-media events, collaborations between Miami and international artists, collaborations between music and visual artists, commissions, residencies, and more.


The series began with a two-year residency by MIAMIBLOCO, the local Brazilian percussion ensemble. The group held bi-weekly community-focused open rehearsals, sometimes featuring Brazilian master drummers and dancers supplementing the work of bandleader Brian Potts. Each season closes with a Miamibloco Saideira Social, as the group backs up a phenomenal roster of special guests.


In May 2023, we premiered a live score by ambient legend Laraaji, set to a film by marine biology-arts collective Coral Morphologic (and edited by Robert Beatty).


Funding for this series is received from the The Jorge M. Pérez Family Foundation at The Miami Foundation, CreArte grant.