Featuring performances by Iniko, Danay Suárez, Fùnké and Myoka.
Iniko [they/them] is one of New York’s most celestial new voices on the indie soul scene. A gifted songwriter, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Iniko leads an alternative soul revolution. They rose to fame with their massive viral smash “The Kings Affirmation” which started as an Acapella freestyle. Today, it garnered millions in streams and 10’s of millions in views.
Danay Suárez is a young Cuban singer/songwriter, with hits like “Yo Aprendi” and her brand new EP out “Cambio”. Her great versatility and ability to move between Jazz, Hip Hop and the traditional genres of Cuban music have positioned her not only as one of the most elegant and unique of her generation but as the representative of female Cuban Hip Hop with one of the most intelligent lyrics and one of the most exquisite voices.
Fùnké blends a hypnotic brew of Ancestral, Deep, AfroHouse, Broken Beat, and Global Soul.
From South Florida, it’s Myoka, a woman of musical greatness and excellence.