Mishu presents a Caribbean music showcase featuring up-and-coming artists from the Caribbean, including: Villano Antillano, Rafa Pabön, YEИDRY, RaiNao, Letón Pé, and Calacote.
Villano Antillano is a Puerto Rican phenom that’s reinventing the golden-age of reggaeton. The Caribbean rapper has been experiencing a meteoric rise since her viral collaboration with Argentinian producer Bizarrap. Also from Puerto Rico, Rafa Pabön is a rapper, songwriter, producer, and activist who’s making waves with his fusion of urban with Latin genres such as rumba, salsa and cumbia.

Growing up between the Dominican Republic and Italy, YEИDRY takes inspiration from her multicultural roots, mixing Latin percussions with European electronic elements for an engrossing live show. Another native from la “isla del encanto”, RaiNao is a fast-rising Latin pop and urban singer-songwriter who captivates listeners with her alt-perreo.

The Dominican diva, Letón Pé, is a star in the making, creating unique blends of Latin pop and Afro-Caribbean rhythms. And, last but not least, Calacote, the up-and-coming Dominican rapper who flavors his dembow, perreo, and merengue musical roots with bolero, punk rock, French rap, and American hip-hop.
Food & beverage are available for purchase at the show. The Bandshell is an open-air covered venue, all programs are rain or shine. Your ticket, once purchased, is non-refundable. Any questions? boxoffice@rhythmfoundation.com