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"Preserving Our Coral Reef" is very different from a traditional orchestra concert. Designed especially for students, we have created an experience welcomes young them into a safe, interactive environment. The concert combines music and visual performing to introduce students to the amazing world of classical music. Through multi-media, props, costumes, and narration, our music educator, Donna Wissinger, shines a light on the plight of Florida’s 350+ mile long coral reef. She explains the environmental stressors that have created the precarious situation and brings hope for the future with the concept of coral micro-fragmentation which Marine Scientist, Dr. David Vaughan, developed in which a large healthy coral can be broken into smaller pieces. These plugs are quickly grown into larger corals which can then be transplanted back onto the reef! Set to an emotional score by Composer Robert Kerr, "Preserving Our Coral Reef" may just inspire then next Jacques Cousteau! This concert is FREE, making it a great way for residents and visitors get outside and create some beautiful memories without having to break the bank! Too often, students pass through their entire school careers without having attended a symphonic performance. They may experience life without a love for classical music. The result can be dwindling appreciation for the benefits it bestows: appreciation for all forms of art, improved abilities in learning and other non-music tasks, the creation of a community environment where lots of people are engaged in creative, smart, great and joyful experiences. "Preserving Our Coral Reef" is presented in collaboration with the Rhythm Foundation's FREE 'Arts in the Parks' series take a great step in inspiring the next Beethoven or Mozart from Miami Beach! Tickets are free to Miami Dade County students. The concert is not open to the public.

Show time

10:30 AM

Doors open

9:30 AM

Event date

Tue, February 28

Minimun Age

All ages


Where do we park? arrow down

The municipal parking lot at 73rd Street and Collins Avenue is across the street from the Bandshell, and it is free (!) after 6pm. When it is full, look for street parking.

What if it rains? arrow down

The venue is an open air facility, covered by our new canopy. Shows are scheduled rain or shine.

Can we bring a picnic? arrow down

No outside food or drink inside the Bandshell, please. We have a fully-stocked bar, and we usually feature wonderful food vendors inside the venue. We also have a water refill station.


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