In the music of Israel Fernández and Diego del Morao, two worlds coexist, the ancient and the contemporary, rejuvenating classic flamenco style.

Israel Fernandez, the young singer from Toledo, is a charismatic emerging figure in flamenco music. His voice conveys a wide spectrum of characteristics in which anguish, spirit and the gypsy world coexist with tempo, sweetness and musicality. Among his qualities, his enormous personality, perfect tuning, a devilish mastery of rhythm and an inordinate enthusiasm for an art that represents his way of life, all stand out. At just age 18 he joined the renown Carlos Saura Company, and has been summoned by great maestros ever since. Israel has firmly established himself with “Amor”, his latest work with Diego Del Morao, as a great hope for the future of this genre.

Diego del Morao, son of legendary guitarist Moráito Chico, is considered by many as the number one player today. Diego creates his own style, without losing respect for the tradition of his roots. He has accompanied a who’s who in Spanish music, jazz and beyond – artists like Diego El Cigala, Niña Pastori, and even Paco de Lucía, and collaborated with international legends including Chick Corea, Bebo Valdés and Fito Páez.

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